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Scientists, builders, artists, industry & institutions explore how Impact Blockchain tackles Climate Sustainability and Social Challenges!

We are proud to announce the « IMPACT BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE », the main Impact Blockchain Side Event during EthCC, hosted by Académie du Climat – Ville de Paris, July 20th, 2023, organized by Blockchain for Good – France and Decentralized Desires.


– Energy Tokenization: Decentralized Production, Consumption and Exchange
– From Kyoto Protocol to Today’s Voluntary Carbon Market
– From Fair Trade to Tokenized Agriculture: Decentralized Funding, Insurance and Supply Chain
– From Impact Investment to Regenerative Finance, What Can Web3 do for Nature?
– Is Decentralized Identity the Missing Piece in Today’s Digital World?

– Café Philo, The Gift of Trust
– Tokenomics Studio, Design Value Flows, litteraly
– Can Impact Web3 help Institutions?
– ReFi/DeSci, Design Systems for Biodiversity Conservation
– All in One shop to build ReFi projects

– Terra Communi : A low-high tech performance to Experience Digital Identity
– Solar Panels, Maintenance
– Impact Blockchain for Teens
– Fresque de la Finance
– Movement Guild Sessions



Impact Blockchain Conference
Here is the website:

🚀 You are all invited! Get your (free) ticket here:

A big thanks to our donors: XRPL CommonsYounergy, GoodDollar, Keenest and our partners, Trusted SeedThe Commons StackAdan, @Kernel Community / Louis BachelierKRYPTOSPHERE®Paris Blockchain SocietyRegens UniteThe Big Whale, La Place Fintech I Defi, Institut de la Finance Durable and  Finance Innovation.

Amazing speakers will be announced shortly!